Film Production Studio


We specialize in the development and production of movies, TV programs, and characters. We also accept commissioned and production consignment from both individuals and corporations.

Direct investment in films

We, BIGONE Inc., are a film production studio.

BIGONE is a unique production studio that encompasses four divisions: planning and development, film production, special effects (CG & VFX), and special makeup arts within our group. With 39 years of history, we have been mainly focusing on projects based on our own original plans. However, starting from this term, we have begun to accept commissioned film production projects from both individuals and corporations.

■Film Production

A film production company specializing in special effects.

A film production company specializing in special effects.

There are various film production companies, but BIGONE is a film production studio that specializes in special effects. While we can certainly handle normal movie and TV drama productions, we mainly perform most of our key production parts, such as special effects, CG & VFX, and special makeup arts, within our internal departments. Our internal departments have received high praise both domestically and internationally. Having these departments in-house is a unique strength of BIGONE and is unparalleled in the country.

■Film Production Commission

If you are thinking of making a movie, please consult with us.

If you are considering producing a movie, please feel free to consult us. We have knowledge and experience in movie production and can provide all the necessary support. Whether you have an original work or just an idea, we can assist you with scriptwriting, filming, and editing throughout the entire production process. We can also arrange for staff and actors at the filming location, as well as support for theatrical releases, distribution, and promotional activities after the movie is completed. Please feel free to consult us regarding investment in movie production, accounting processes, and tax-saving measures.

■Investment in Films

We are constantly seeking direct investment in film productions.

At our company, we handle direct investments in film productions for our in-house projects, and we can also introduce you to other potential direct investment opportunities in film productions. Whether you are interested in getting involved in the film industry, looking to invest in a film production, or considering a direct investment in a movie as a tax-saving measure against your anticipated profits, we can accommodate various scenarios.

Our advisors, including lawyers, accountants, and former executives of major film companies, can provide you with legal and rational suggestions regarding legal and accounting aspects of your investment.

■About BIGONE's Major Relationships

Junya Okabe

Having worked in the special makeup and CG & VFX industries, Atsuya Okabe has been active across a broad range of entertainment industries, including movies, commercials, television, games, amusement facilities, and internet streaming. After resigning from Tsuburaya Productions, he leveraged his extensive experience to establish Blast in 2010, working alongside elite creators from various fields. In addition to video productions, he has recently expanded his efforts into art production and product development, capitalizing on his accumulated experiences.


◎Areas of Work:

Planning and development




Visual supervising

Special makeup producer



BLAST Inc. is a comprehensive creative studio primarily focused on film production, encompassing departments for planning, design, CG, VFX, and special makeup. We are actively involved in various domains, offering a range of services from total production to part production for movies, commercials, internet videos, amusement parks, games, gaming machines, toys, and more. Moreover, we prioritize Japan’s unique creative approach in planning, developing, and producing video content and merchandise. Utilizing the internet, we explore new distribution methods, continuously advancing our digital production system.



We are a top-tier special effects production studio, born out of the desire to create entirely new and innovative special effects and special makeup, setting us apart from traditional special effects studios. Our expertise and track record span a wide range of creations, from artistic sculptures to special suits, mass-produced items, and even robots. We have crafted numerous works across various entertainment domains, including movies, commercials, TV, and amusement facilities. Our commitment is to strictly adhere to budgets and schedules while never compromising our deep attention to detail. Backed by years of experience and a collaborative system with creators both in Japan and abroad, we consistently strive to exceed expectations with our creative output.